Our Aims

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SATIN will add value to delivering active travel and outdoor access management through the following aims:
  • To encourage, co-ordinate and promote the sharing of technical information and knowledge

  • To promote and encourage the adoption of good practice standards in design, procurement, construction, contract management, construction safety (CDM 2015) and maintenance

  • To develop and share an improved evidence base of good practice through research, experience and collaboration

  • To provide an opportunity to develop and demonstrate new, and modify existing, ideas for innovative approaches and techniques, and, where required, produce good practice guidance

  • To provide networking opportunities to view and discuss practical infrastructure issues and exchange tried and tested solutions via conferences, workshops and outdoor site visits

  • To provide details of specific training opportunities to increase capacity building and skills development in industry areas

  • To link with relevant advisory groups.

Our Formation

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@SATINNETWORK: Heres some case studies on Equestrian access, have people many good or bad experiences with shared use paths? https://t.co/3YOJpI6yCc
@SATINNETWORK: This looks to have been a success in the West Midlands, with an initiative to educate dangerous drivers. https://t.co/ip7QZQs0Xb
@SATINNETWORK: The theme of today is Shared use paths, have a look at all this good stuff on the theme of shared paths! https://t.co/3TEIsWU3el
@SATINNETWORK: Take a look at our website for a full list of case studies and technical information. https://t.co/wdc8pGyUE1
@SATINNETWORK: Quite an interesting article on Stevenage and why its early cycle routes ultimately failed. https://t.co/2yULWpJAJO

Supported by

  • Cycling Scotland
  • Forestry Commission Scotland
  • Falkirk Council
  • Paths For All
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Sustrans