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Equestrian Access


Equestrian Crossings (Traffic Advisory Leaflet 03) Department of Transport
Recommended practices to be followed when planning pegasus / equestrian crossings. This leaflet should be read in conjunction with the following Local Transport NotesThe Assessment of Pedestrian Crossings (LTN 1/95) and The Design of Pedestrian Crossings (LTN 2/95).


Equestrian Access (British Horse Society Scotland)
Factsheet providing detailed guidance about all aspects of path planning, design, construction and key considerations for gates, bridges, water and road crossings for horse access.

Mounting Blocks (The Ride UK)
This specification details should be used in conjunction with the Gates booklet and Bridle Gate Installation Checklist. The specification provides a suitable mounting block for equestrian access.

Pegasus Crossings (British Horse Society)
Primarily aimed at local authority road or transport practitioners, it provides a summary of the key practical points and measures on planning, designing and layout of light controlled crossings for horse riders. This information should be read in conjunction with the following publication: Equestrian Crossings (Traffic Advisory Leaflet 03/03).

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