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Equestrian Access


BHS Scotland Infographic to Riding Safely and Responsibly - Summer/Autumn 2020

Equestrian Crossings (Traffic Advisory Leaflet 03) Department of Transport
Recommended practices to be followed when planning pegasus / equestrian crossings. This leaflet should be read in conjunction with the following Local Transport NotesThe Assessment of Pedestrian Crossings (LTN 1/95) and The Design of Pedestrian Crossings (LTN 2/95).

Horse Mounting Blocks - Specifications and Standards (British Horse Society)
Advice on Specifications and standards of Mounting Blocks


Are You Riding Responsibly?
Guidance to help horse riders, carriage drivers and land managers understand and respond to each others needs in Scotland's outdoors.

British Horse Society - Resources and Guidance (Main resource page)
Via this link, you'll find all the booklets and information leaflets produced by BHS, and theiry partner organisations, as well as forms and other useful information.

Road Crossings for Equestrians in England and Wales (British Horse Society)
it provides a summary of the key practical points and measures on planning, designing and layout of controlled crossings for horse riders.

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