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The Scottish Access Technical Information Network (SATIN) was set up in 2009 to share good practice and to support people interested and involved in management of infrastructure for active travel and outdoor access.

Who's Involved

SATIN is a member led network, organised by a voluntary steering group (Cycling Scotland, Scottish Forestry, Paths for All, Scottish Natural Heritage and Sustrans Scotland), which seeks to be an inclusive grouping of all parties with an interest and involvement in the technical areas of providing sustainable access to the built and natural environment. It was originally formed after Cycling Scotland, Paths for All and Sustrans Scotland met to discuss the establishment of a national technical advisory group. A stakeholder day was held, involving a wide range of interested access professionals, to discuss the need, purpose and development of such a group or similar. A steering group was established to name the group, develop and promote the network aims, and to co-ordinate the sharing of technical information and knowledge. This web-based resource has been produced to enable this to happen.

Our Aims

SATIN will add value to delivering active travel and outdoor access management through the following aims:
  • To encourage, co-ordinate and promote the sharing of technical information and knowledge
  • To uphold and prompt the adoption of good practice standards in design, procurement, construction, contract management, construction safety and maintenance
  • To develop and share an improved evidence base of good practice through research, experience and collaboration
  • To develop and demonstrate new ideas for innovative approaches and techniques to route construction and management; producing good practice guidancewhere required
  • To provide networking opportunities and exchange tried and tested solutions via conferences, workshops, webinars and site visits
  • To provide details of specific training opportunities to increase capacity building and skills development in keyareas
  • To link with relevant advisory groups

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