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Physical Access Standards (Fieldfare Trust)
Information about national standards for full accessibility developed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. These standards are minimum standards based on performance specifications, enabling one to use a method of construction and surface, which is appropriate and sympathetic to the locations setting.

Standards & Specifications (The Aggregates & Recycling Information Network)
The online information service for the UK aggregates, recycling and related construction industries. Downloadable standards and specifications for use of aggregates, bituminous mixtures, concrete and mortar and other products.

Understanding the British Standard for Gaps, Gates and Stiles BS5709: 2006 Explained (Pittecroft Trust)
Explanatory note on the British Standard 5709: 2006 Gaps, Gates and Stiles – Specifications, setting out eight 'rules' applicable to all BS5709 compliant structures.

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