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Technical Guidance


Path Bridges - Planning, Design, Construction and Maintenance (Paths for All)
Fully illustrated manual to providing bridges on paths. All aspects are covered from planning to maintenance. This guide replaces the Countryside Commission for Scotland publication 'Footbridges in the Countryside' (1989). Detailed information is given about initial site assessment and detailed site survey - choosing a site for construction and understanding its requirements and constraints to enable an efficient and safe build.

Upland Pathwork - Construction Standards for Scotland (Upland Path Advisory Group)
New 3rd edition good practice guidance manual covering the practical aspects of upland pathwork techniques including drainage, surfacing and site restoration. The manual also covers the basic principles in which the techniques should be used when upland pathworks are carried out.


A Technical Guide to the Design and Construction of Lowland Recreation Routes (Scottish Natural Heritage)
Quick reference manual providing practical advice on the engineering elements of how to construct routes for walkers, cyclists and horse riders on lowland countryside sites. Detailed information about assessing the site and approaching construction to help ensure the path is safe, durable and enjoyable to use.

Cycle Infrastructure Design (Local Transport Note 2/08, Department of Transport)
Joint guidance between the Scottish Executive, Welsh Assembly Government and the Department of Transport. Primarily aimed at local authority transport practitioners, it brings together and updates previously available guidance on on-road and off-road cycling provision into a single, comprehensive design guide.

Cycle Infrastructure: Design Guidance and Best Practice (SEStran)
Design and best practice guidance to help local authorities, developers and others involved in providing new cycling infrastructure, whether specifically for cycling or for taking cycling into account for all forms of transportation infrastructure. The guidance provides basic information about cycle auditing and monitoring that can be used to help identify measures to improve a particular infrastructure scheme, a route or part of a network for cycling based on five key principles – coherence, directness, attractiveness, safety and comfort. It also provides basic information about surfaces for both on-road and off-road cycle infrastructure provision.

National Cycle Network Guidelines and Practical Details (Sustrans)
Comprehensive guidance and detail set on a design philosophy and criteria for the National Cycle Network that is equally suitable for on-road cycling and off-road cycling infrastructure at a regional and local level.

National Path Demonstration Sites (Paths for All)
Path demonstration sites at Oatridge College and Battleby providing technical advice and guidance about different path surfaces, bridges, gates, and much much more...

Outdoor Access Design Guide (Paths for All)
Comprehensive manual providing advice on the selection and design of structures that accommodate and assist public access in the countryside. Detailed technical drawings and specifications are available for the construction and installation of gaps and barriers, gates, stiles, steps and ramps, fences, boardwalks and seats and picnic tables.

Technical Tip of the Month... (Paths for All)
Monthly technical tips providing advice and guidance to help those developing and managing paths.

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